Press play below to watch Josey Miller’s on-camera demo reel (buffering may take a minute):

And here’s a 90-second comedy monologue if you’re into that sorta thing:
abrams logoTo call Josey in for commercial on-camera, please call Jerry Kallarakkal at A3 (formerly known as Abrams Artists Agency): 646.486.4600

More On-Camera Clips…
Taxi TV: Interviewing Fashionista Elin Kling
I’m a mom expert (as if there’s such a thing) for What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Watch this video series.
Good Day New York: Top Tri-State Fathers’ Day activities
Good Day New York: Nostalgic Tri-State travel ideas

Good Day New York: Must-see NYC-area gardens

Good Day New York: Tri-State travel ideas for Memorial Day
Commercial slate shot video (achoo!)

Hosting a video series on AOL for KnowMore.TV
Hosting a satellite media tour about business travel tips
Hosting a satellite media tour about money-saving travel tips
One of my TripAdvisor (Expedia) travel expert appearances

To view a PDF of my talent resumé, click here now.

View Josey’s headshot photo gallery here.

Josey can be contacted at joseymiller @ yahoo [dot] com

All text and photos © Josey Miller 2007-2023 except where otherwise noted.

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  1. Hi Josey. You’ve been flat out on camera by the look of it! Great to see it. Your showreel is great. Hope all’s going well across the pond. Nice Irish looking picture on your website by the way…it looks like it’s only down the road from where I’m writing this email! Fiachra

  2. Thank you, Fiachra! So fun to hear from you–brought back memories of running prompter for the segment you did… in Gaelic. :) I hope your acting career is going fantastic (no doubt it is)!

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