The World’s Best Hotel Beds by Josey Miller

The World’s Best Hotel Beds
April, 2009


The World’s Best Hotel Beds
by Josey Miller

Reading, studying, working, robotically flicking through late-night television programming… If you’ve completely forgotten what beds are really for, a great hotel bed can be an excellent refresher course. There’s something so exhilarating about hotel beds: They feel foreign, even risqué—and lying in them feels like trespassing. It would be a sin to spend all of your time in a hotel bed doing only the ordinary: You can do better than catch up on Will and Grace reruns, can’t you?

Yes, yes, yes! In fact, without so much as lifting your head off your pillow, you can sightsee. You can stargaze. You can play Superman. You can relive legendary moments in musical history—and we’re just getting started.

In these fantasy hotel beds, you’ll kick up your feet, rest your travel-weary self, and stare at much more than just the ceiling. These beds think outside the box springs—and they’re what dreams are really made of.

AGRA: A Bed With a Monumental View

Rest and reflection: In the premier rooms at the Oberoi Amarvilas (view slideshow) in Agra, India, you can awaken to a view of the sun rising over the holy Taj Mahal.

Snooze factor: Don’t sleep in. Want to admire the structural masterpiece without the swarm of day-trippers? Request a presunrise wake-up call. You’ll also have a decadent opportunity that most other tourists don’t: the option to stay in bed around-the-clock and admire the changing colors as the sun moves across the white-domed Mughal mausoleum in the not-too-distant vista. (The hotel is located fewer than 2,000 feet from the landmark.)

Who goes there: The Taj Mahal, built by Emperor Shah Jahan in loving memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, is a must-see for hopeless romantics and architecture aficionados alike. Esteemed guests of the Oberoi Amarvilas through the years have included dignitaries ranging from Her Royal Highness Lalla Hasna, the Princess of Morocco, to His Royal Highness Will Smith, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Undercover info: If you do decide to leave the comfort and privacy of your bed for a closer look at the Taj, the hotel will give you a five-minute buggy ride right to the gates.

SHANGHAI: A Bed for the High and Mighty

From such great heights: Each guest room on the 88th floor of the Park Hyatt Shanghai boasts the highest hotel bed in the world—and the view to prove it. Talk about bragging rights.

Snooze factor: Way up there. If you’re looking for calm in this chaotic city setting, dream on; despite the sleek and sophisticated decor, the hotel is surrounded by Shanghai’s frenzied Lujiazui financial district. But once the workday is done, you can escape to the Park Hyatt’s Tai Chi courtyard, the Water’s Edge Spa—or your private room. Besides sweeping views of the Bund or the Huangpu River, 88th-floor guest rooms feature a bathing area with a heated floor and a rain shower that streams water down from—surprise, surprise—unusually high 12-foot ceilings. Now that’s uplifting.

Who goes there: Needless to say, a sky-scraping bed 1,279 feet above street level is not intended for the acrophobic. But if you’re a thrill-seeker with an appetite for power and the “Vertical City” is just the first stop in your plot to conquer the world, this bed’s for you.

Undercover info: Want to get really high? Take the elevator to the 100 Century Avenue bar on the 92nd floor for another moment of Zen: sipping sparkling wine while listening to live jazz and watching the sun set through floor-to-ceiling windows.

MONTRÉAL: A Bed with History

Ono you didn’t: Golden slumbers will fill your eyes in room #1742, the John Lennon and Yoko Ono Suite, at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in downtown Montréal, Canada.

Snooze factor: Power nap. “Rest in peace” takes on a much sunnier meaning in this room, where the tranquil twosome held their famous “Bed-in for Peace” in 1969. It’s also where they recorded the hippie hymn “Give Peace a Chance.” John and Yoko didn’t relax much during their “Bed-in,” giving around 50 journalist interviews on each of the eight days. But you should spend your time in this legendary bed in the most romantic city in North America making love (not war). John would have wanted it that way.

Read the full article (and browse the beautiful photos) here.


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