Posted by: Josey | August 18, 2008

Girls’ Getaway Weekend: Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Part Three)

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Read part two here.

by Josey Miller

“Yoooooo hoooooo!” Grant, the owner of Jackson Hole Outfitters, shouted to Elizabeth, who wanted to use the “last modern comfort” (as Grant put it) of a ladies room before we headed out for our five-hour tour. Once we’d all applied our SPF 30+ and bug spray—and once Rita and I had adjusted… and readjusted… our cowgirl braids (Rita’s looked legit; mine looked more like Pippi Longstocking)—we climbed into the steel blue pick-up truck. As our very own personal cowboy, Dale, drove us deep into the Bridger-Teton National Forest for a full-day horseback-riding expedition, he hummed along with rodeo-star-turned-country-singer Chris LeDoux. Like LeDoux, Dale wasn’t born or raised in Wyoming, but he still calls it home. Can you blame him?

Dale saddled up our horses, then made the introductions: Josey, meet Twist…

Rita, meet Pedro…

Of course, Lizard, meet Lizard… and we were ready to hit the trail:

We rode up mountains…

…by Alpine forests…

…over creeks (“cricks,” as Dale would say)…

…and through breathtaking flowered fields of gold…

…stopping only for a quick cold-cut buffet lunch (not to mention the mini chocolate bars—way to know your audience, Dale!)…

…and, of course, for the occasional (okay, not-so-occasional) Kodak moment:

But, as tempted as we were to throw on some PJs and watch Pretty Woman, our day didn’t end there.

(To be continued.)

Read part four (the final frontier) here.

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